How you can play tricks on your subconsciousness to reach success -

Mind gamesHow you can play tricks on your subconsciousness to reach success

In bodybuilding and fitness, your goal is always a fundamental transformation of your body. But it is an oft-neglected fact that we also change our minds on a deep level! We usually think of our mind as something that had preexisted within each of us, governing our body from its hidden and impalpable place like a remote control. Many of us view their thoughts as an unchangeable part of their personality. They seriously want to change themselves and certain behaviors, but time and again they make the experience of failing in doing so. As a result of this frustrating experience, they perceive their minds’ topography as something that’s written in stone. However, it is possible to manipulate one’s subconsciousness to work better for one’s goals!  

It doesn’t require any voodoo spells or jedi mind tricks to train our subconsciousness in a way that lets us consciously take advantage of it. It only takes the will to change oneself and a really good plan. There are a few rules you have to stick with if you want to succeed in life.

What are the obstacles on your path to your goal?

You have to actively find out what’s got to change! Which part of your subconsciousness is holding you back from achieving your goals? Is it your conception of success? Your self-esteem? Your lack of skills? How is your subconsciousness trying to manipulate your consciousness to make you think you couldn’t do it? Think hard and come to grips with the reasons that are hindering your conscious self. This just might be the root of all evil! In your head you may think that you won’t be able to achieve your goals but that’s not always the truth. Why do you think you can’t you do it? Why are you trying to convince yourself that you can’t?

Don’t let yourself get demotivated by your deeply subconscious thoughts! Learn to strive for your goals from the top of your consciousness!

You have a subconsciousness which influences your consciousness which, in turn, guides your actions. Your consciousness is basically the portion of your mind that is flooded with light – you as a self-aware individual – while your subconsciousness operates in the dark, sometimes to your advantage but often also to your disadvantage. If your subconsciousness tells you that you won’t make it, your conscious self will believe it without even knowing that it does so. The likelihood of failure will rise as a result.

Don’t try to ignore the negative things!

You have to decide which changes you have to make with regard to your subconsciousness. A deficit of self-confidence, the fear of failure, the mindset of “I just can’t” and so on. All these things are the effects of your subconsciousness telling you what to think of yourself. You have to intervene right there to change something!

As soon as you’ve found out what holds you back you have to consider the necessary means to transform it into a positive catalyst. Here’s an example: “I can’t teach other people because I’m not smart enough or because I don’t have a formal degree.” The positive inversion of this would sound like this: “I’m smart enough and well-equipped to do whatever I want to do in life. If it is teaching then I’ll start with something I know well.”

This is exactly how your new way of thinking should look like. Your negative habits that want you to make the opposite are deeply engraved in your head, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t break with them!

Think about your new goals daily!

You have to break with your subconsciousness’ habit to tell your consciousness what to do! If it’s your goal to reduce your body weight by 40 kilograms within a year, then you should bring this goal to your conscious mind on a daily basis. It’s irrelevant how you do that but you have to do it as often as possible. Write them down and read them every morning: “I will lose 40 kilograms over the course of the next 12 months by eating healthy and working hard.”

If you have an ambitious goal you strive for like losing 40 kilograms within a year, then keep reminding yourself of this goal in a positive way on a daily basis.

To remind yourself of your goal more than once and therefore to commit yourself to it repeatedly and anew every day, will help you to be thoughtful about your commitments and to force your subconsciousness to get used to the new positive attitude. This technique works well with all goals you might set for yourself and not exclusively your fitness goals: the achievement of a degree, a pay raise, the furthering of your businesses etc. The more often you go new paths, the more changes you’ll start to see. It won’t happen overnight but it’ll happen if you commit yourself fully and if you acknowledge that there’ll be highs and lows.

The good thing about this is that your subconsciousness will get trained to walk the positive walk the better the more often it is confronted with it. And due to this, your actions will change. The steps you undertake will be guided by your belief in your success. You will be so confident about yourself and your goals that it’ll almost feel as if you’ve already reached your goal!

Accept failure!

If you fail and miss your goal, it might be big let-down for you. But you ought not to get caught up in this negative impression that failure leaves behind in you. Successful are those who stand up after they fell, who reflect the reasons for their failure and try to do it better next time by avoiding these very traps. It’s never the failure in itself that keeps people from attaining their goals; it’s the decision how to cope (or not to cope) with failure and how to move on from there (or to not move on at all). Refocus your goals, take the necessary measures and go on!

There are mainly two reasons why people fail:

  1. Their goals are set too high.
  2. They quit due to certain circumstances.

Both cases can be transformed into success! It’s about you telling yourself who you are and who is pursuing his goals!


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