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Eddie Hall vs. Brian ShawWho has the thickest…?

While strongmen of earlier times had a lower body fat percentage on the average with exceptionally well-defined athletes like Mariusz Pudzianowski standing out, the big names of today generally aren’t perceived as overly athletic by the broader public. But while these strength monsters don’t appear as muscular on pictures as bodybuilders – at least to the unschooled eye -, they carry around a tremendous amount of muscle mass under their fat cover. One realizes that at the latest when standing in front of these human mountains! We tend to think that these men solely train free compound movements with heavy weights. But even these full-blooded strength athletes are sometimes a bit vain, as Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall proved in this YouTube video.

During competition times, true athletes are the most bitter adversaries, but when they don’t fight for the most important trophies like the World’s Strongest Man title, they shake each other’s hands and part in friendship. Since the winner of WSM 2017, “The Beast” Eddie Hall, ended his active career in November last year and now observes the scene from the sidelines as a celebrated icon, one can meet the Brit more often at international promo events. That’s how he and Brian Shaw, fourfold World’s Strongest Man, happened to arrange a joint workout.

Both participated at the same marketing event in the west of the United States and spent a bit of spare time together, as could be seen on their Instagram profiles. Since Shaw had taken a break from strongman training after his participation at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, he and Hall came up with the idea of a little duel. And because it’s quite obvious who’s currently stronger, they had to come up with another performance benchmark than strength.

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So, the challenge was to measure who has the thickest…. arm! But the two of them didn’t have it the easy way: Since Shaw is evidently the bigger athlete because “The Beast” has lost quite a few kilograms due to a significant reduction of his body fat percentage after the end of his career, they decided to measure the pump effect after a thorough arm training.

For this reason, both first measured their arms in cold and umpumped condition: While Eddie Hall measured an arm girth of 56 centimeters or 22 inches, Shaw surprisingly topped him by only two centimeters despite having more body mass and a seemingly higher body fat percentage. After a full arm workout which should have been a quite uncommon experience for both of them, a new measurement had to decide the contest: the athlete showing the higher difference between pumped and unpumped arm girth would be determined the winner.

After an intensive exchange of blows during an arm training which even would have put some bodybuilders to shame, one could recognize by mere sight that Hall’s and Shaw’s biceps and triceps were heavily pumped. Both were almost incapable of lifting their arms over their heads, but in the end the tape measure decided! “The Beast” measured a whole three centimeters more after this tour de force with seven arm exercises: his arm swelled from 56 to 59 centimeters. Likewise, Shaw’s arms were enlarged by three centimeters and grew from 58 centimeters to 61 centimeters. Ultimately, this meant a tie between the British deadlift world record holder and the fourfold World’s Strongest Man from the States. 

During the years of their serious athletic rivalry, Hall proved to have a stronger deadlift while Shaw won the WSM title more often. But this duel was pure unadulterated fun, and since Hall became inactive and both former rivals nowadays only meet in private, fans can now enjoy the playfully celebrated continuation of the adversary of these two exceptional athletes! 

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