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Long live the KingHow Zack Khan’s comeback played out!

As we have reported shortly ago, bodybuilding veteran Zack “King” Khan had announced his registration for an IFBB pro card on his private Instagram profile. While we were able to get access to this info through our intimate connections to the scene, it still stood to question, when and where Khan would reenter the game. In the meantime, it has become clear where he had planned to step on the stage for the first time in years: the British Grand Prix 2019 which took place last weekend in Watford. So our readers may ask themselves, how the King’s comeback played out and what we can expect from him in the future….

The British Grand Prix 2019, organized by the bodybuilding event management company 2BrosPro, brought us a pretty foreseeable result in at least one respect: Nathan De Asha killed it with a brilliant shape and rightfully sacked the title without effort! But the show also offered us some surprises, namely, the finish of the almost unknown British athlete Samson Dauda as runner-up, but first and foremost the comeback of a legend with whose return nobody had reckoned – Zack “King” Khan. Motivated by his fans, the 39-year-old “mass monster” had himself persuaded to get back on stage once again: “Back by popular demand,” as he had written on his private Instagram profile before the BGP event without disclosing any further details about his upcoming competitive activities.

Comeback of the year?Zack “King” Khan back on stage!

Our younger readers may not know him anymore, but some years ago, Zack “King” Khan was one of the most polarizing figures in bodybuilding. While the British athlete never quite made it to the top, he convinced his fans with an impressive amount of muscle mass and controversial claims. During the last years, the native […]

Before his performance in Watford, the strident legend was last seen as active competitor on the Tampa Pro 2016, after which he disappeared from the public radar for a while due to a leg injury. There wasn’t much heard about the former Nutrex athlete in the meantime, but now fans could welcome him back on stage. Although Khan surely hadn’t been considered as a serious aspirant for the title, his return had been accompanied by the exciting question in which shape the founder of ZkkLabs would present himself.

Despite his typically massive appearance, the native Pakistani couldn’t fully convince due to a lack of hardness. In a starting field of 13 athletes, he ended up in eleventh place. On top of that, Khan’s expectations of a duel with his landsman Luke Sandoe were failed since Sandoe had already gone into off-season after a successful spring season to prepare himself for Mr. Olympia in 2020. But notwithstanding these disappointments, it was a great experience to witness the “King’s” first competition in years!

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