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Biceps tornLarry Wheels to miss Giants Live Wembley!

Larry Wheels is an exceptional athlete: The muscular powerhouse from the Bronx, New York is only 24 years old, but he’s already holding two world records in powerlifting, he had a decent appearance in bodybuilding in 2018, and now he has even made the strongman sport his play field. On top of that, he excels through a low body fat percentage and a shape that’s just fantastic for a strength athlete. And though he has a knack for entertaining his fans with daring stunts like one-armed deadlifts or a bench press with two barbells, he has mostly been spared more serious injuries. As it unfortunately happened, Wheels now brought a biceps rupture upon himself just right before the Giants Live Wembley next weekend during preparation.

Having trained with the World’s Strongest Man 2018, Hafthor Björnsson, Larry Wheels is now reaching for the stars in the strongman world as well. His first big competition would have been the Giants Live Wembley on 6th July where he would have competed in five disciplines to qualify for next year’s WSM, amongst them the World Deadlift Championships.

But we use the subjunctive here on purpose – because, as we can see on Larry’s Instagram video, his ambitions came to a screeching halt, when he tore his biceps while lifting atlas stones yesterday. It was the fifth and heaviest stone with a weight of 180 kilograms (400 pounds), which turned out to be fatal and caused his biceps to pop. In a YouTube video, where Wheels goes into more detail about how he copes with an injury like the current one, he explains that it would be one of the main mistakes to neglect a proper technique during preparation. Since he would just have been into strongman for half a year, he would have lacked the experience to avoid an unnecessary rush in his prep training. He would have been mentally too focused on a competitive head to head-situation where you would have to lift the stones in the shortest time possible: “What could be learned from that? Never let your technique suffer from speed.”

But Wheels’ willpower and positive mindset seem unbroken: He emphasizes his intention to learn from his mistakes and to keep his mentality in check despite the frustrating fact, that this setback just happened a few days before his first strongman competition. During rehab time, he would concentrate on building mass, especially in his lower body with his calves being one of his biggest weaknesses. He would also put more focus on his nutrition again to get the best results possible.

As unfortunate as the timing of this injury might have been, Larry Wheels is lucky to only suffer from a partial rupture of his biceps, with the tendon still attached, as he says on Instagram. The young athlete and freshly baked strongman from New York views his accident as an unavoidable part of this specific sport, where the risk of a biceps tear is always present. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope that his good-natured optimism will prove to be realism: “Yes, I didn’t hit a 1000 pound deadlift, but maybe I’ll hit an injury recovery PR, might recover faster than ever. Some say, I’m like Wolverine.” 

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