Nathan De Asha proves to be prepared for Mr. Olympia -

British Grand Prix 2019Nathan De Asha proves to be prepared for Mr. Olympia

With two consecutive Top 10 rankings at the most prestigious bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia in 2017 and 2018 and his victories at the popular New York Pro and the California Pro last year, Nathan De Asha is certainly one of the most successful European bodybuilding athletes around today. Last weekend, he cemented this reputation by winning the British Grand Prix 2019 against a strong field of competitors, amongst them legend Zack “King” Khan. Having said this, all signs seem to point towards another excellent season for the English athlete.

Just a few weeks ago, when Nathan De Asha was suffering from an eye infection he had underestimated and which forced him to suspend his training temporarily, it was far from certain what the near future would hold in store for him. But meanwhile, the MuscleMeds athlete is fully back on track, as he demonstrated impressively last weekend at the occasion of the British Grand Prix 2019. While the biggest surprise surely was Samson Dauda, an English bodybuilder with Nigerian roots who finished as runner-up, Nathan convinced with a sharp and massive look. 

Comeback of the year?Zack “King” Khan back on stage!

Our younger readers may not know him anymore, but some years ago, Zack “King” Khan was one of the most polarizing figures in bodybuilding. While the British athlete never quite made it to the top, he convinced his fans with an impressive amount of muscle mass and controversial claims. During the last years, the native […]

As we have experienced personally, the athlete from Liverpool usually comes across pretty modest and even-tempered. But ever since last year’s interview with Chris Duque from where De Asha uttered aggressively that he would participate at Mr. O to win and steal the title from back then reigning champion Phil Heath, the expectations have risen accordingly. So his triumph at the British Grand Prix did a good job in firing up his fans’ hopes for a brilliant performance of their idol at the biggest bodybuilding event in September.

We’re excited to see if Nathan comes up with another stunt like last year, when he spontaneously stripped his clothes of right before Mr. Olympia to show his form. But while the middle part of his body seemed a bit soft by competitive standards at that time, this definitely hasn’t proven to be an issue last weekend. And since it’s still roughly ten weeks until Mr. O, which will take place from September 9 through September 12, we can rightfully assume that we haven’t seen the Brit’s best yet!

British Gran Prix 2019 – Men’s Open Bodybuilding

  1. Nathan De Asha
  2. Samson Dauda
  3. James Hollingshead
  4. Milan Šádek
  5. Lukas Wyler
  6. Andrea Presti
  7. Igor Illés
  8. Slavoj Bednář
  9. Ole Kristian Vaaga
  10. Manuel Canadillas
  11. Zack Khan
  12. Andrea Muzi
  13. James Llewellin

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