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World Deadlift Championships 2019 Who is able to beat Eddie Hall’s world record?

With the World’s Strongest Man 2019 just a few days behind us, the next big event is already around the corner: On 6th July at the SSE Arena in Wembley Park in London, the new Giants Live Wembley will feature the World Deadlift Championships where Eddie Hall’s world record from 2016 still has to be beaten! Ever since then, no powerlifter or strongman has been able to trump Eddie’s gigantic number of 500 kilograms. But there are some serious challengers around waiting for their chance to write strength sport history. So let’s take a look at the most promising ones….

The organizers of the newly established Giants Live Wembley in London are doing a pretty good job in promoting their event: Not only did they come up with the fancy idea of a “Giants Live Legends challenge” on the occasion of which retired strongman icons Bill Kazmaier and Magnus Ver Magnusson will jump back into the game for one day to battle each other in the discipline of the Hercules hold, but even more importantly, they managed to become part of the 2019 World’s Strongest Man Qualifying Tour. And the most spectacular event will most likely be the World Deadlift Championships 2019 which, at the same time, is the first of five qualification events. Again, a prize of 50.000 US-dollars is awarded for breaking Eddie Hall’s sensational world record of 500 kilograms! The following five athletes are amongst the most interesting challengers.

Battle of the legendsKazmaier and Magnusson to go head to head at the Giants Live Wembley!

Sometimes old legends resurrect and make the earth shatter again through the sheer force of the historical impact they had on the sports they once excelled in! There’s a time when these aged athletes feel that itch again – the itch that’s caused by their deeply enrooted ambition that made them pros on a world-class […]

Benedikt Magnusson

While Benedikt Magnusson may not count as one of the most successful strongmen of the world due to his comparably small height,  he is definitely one of the strongest deadlifters the world has seen. Even before Eddie Hall’s record, the Icelandic athlete managed to pull the unbelievable weight of 460 kilograms (1014 pounds) without lifting straps or a suit in 2011. Just recently, Magnusson has audaciously announced that he would want to lift 528 kilograms (1164 pounds). This wouldn’t be just a surpassing of Hall’s 500 kilograms but a complete destruction of his record! In the direct duel between Benedikt and Eddie in 2016, the Scandinavian powerhouse already almost succeeded in pulling half a ton, but ultimately he had to let go of the barbell halfway.

Benedikt Magnusson is aiming for the insane weight of 528 kilograms at the World Deadlift Championships 2019!

Jerry Pritchett

Pritchett has already deadlifted 465 kilograms (1025 pounds) seemingly without effort, and he mastered the weight of 467 kilograms (1029,6 pounds) at the Arnold Strongman Classic in March this year with the elephant bar deadlift. It wouldn’t be smart to disregard the US-American, even though he failed on the occasion of an earlier try to outdo the 500 kilogram landmark. Maybe the athlete from Arizona has worked his way towards a new record weight despite a few injuries. One thing’s for sure: We shouldn’t write Jerry off!

Jean-Francois Caron

The Canadian strongman was able to make a respectable fourth place at the WSM this year and thus finished just ahead of the fourfold winner Brian Shaw. Caron won the World Deadlift Championships with a weight of 463 kilograms (1020,7 pounds) on the barbell. He too can be considered one of the athletes with the potential to pull more than half a ton.

Vlad Alhazov is arguably the strongest squatter on the globe. He set an official world record in the raw squat with 500 kilograms and may be regarded as serious challenger in the World Deadlift Championships as well.

Vlad Alhazov

You might ask yourself who this man is, and why he is on our list. Here’s a simple reason: He has already moved 500 kilograms, albeit not through deadlifting the weight but – and this may be even more difficult to fathom – by squatting it in 2017. This insane performance was achieved completely raw, with the Ukrainian strength monster wearing a belt and knee wraps only! In doing so, Alhazov not only surpassed Andrey Malanichev’s record of 485 kilograms (1069 pounds) significantly, but he also did it with a completely replaced knee – a reminiscence of a severe injury that Vlad received at the time when he tried to squat 590 kilograms (1300 pounds) in 2009 at Westside Barbell with full equipment.  Back then, he was also the record holder for the equipped squat with 567 kilograms (1250 pounds). In light of these incredible performances, it’s very surprising that Vlad Alhazov is not very well-known in the scene. But that may change come Saturday!


Larry Wheels

With his low body fat percentage and his accordingly low bodyweight (in relation to the other competitors, that is), Larry Wheels has to count as one of the strongest athletes in the world. Ever since Wheels has dipped his toes into the waters of bodybuilding in 2018, he’s definitely to be considered as the strongest bodybuilder we have seen so far. In that respect, Larry even puts “King Coleman” to shame: Not only did he already deadlift 365 kilograms (805 pounds) for whole seven reps and 400 kilograms (882 pounds) for three reps, but he also still has most of his career ahead of him. The only 24-year-old New York giant is already holding two world records in powerlifting, and, just recently, he has only slightly missed a new personal record of 425 kilograms. Wheels, who has participated at the World Log-Lift Championships and finished with a decent number of 214 kilograms (472 pounds), might not exactly count as a favorite in London, but with respect to his relative strength, he’d break the world record by lengths, if he were in the same weight class as his rivals at the event!

The strength sports prodigy Larry “Wheels” Williams might not be favorite when it comes to absolute numbers, but in relation to his bodyweight, he is definitely one of the strongest lifters around.

Apart from the aforementioned athletes, there will be other serious challengers. While Brian Shaw and the newly reigning World’s Strongest Man Martin Licis are listed for the event, it has been reported that Shaw is still suffering from an arm injury he brought upon himself at the WSM. Licis on the other hand still hasn’t commented on the upcoming World Deadlift Championships. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the 28-year-old champion is pondering the option to take a well-earned time off.

More men are on the list: the log-lift champion Iron Biby from Burkina Faso, WSM runner-up Mateusz Kieliszkowski from Poland, Mark Felix, Laurence Shahlei, Adam Bishop, the British brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman, Mikhail Shivlyakov, Rauno Heinla, Konstatine Janashia and Nedzmin Ambeskovic. With such a strong starting field the World Deadlift Championships at the Giants Live is going to be a big spectacle!

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